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Wednesday, 19 April 2017

A few days in Norfolk ♥

So the kids are back at school and the Easter holidays are but a distant memory! We definitely made the most out of our time off together though, and one of the highlights of our break was a trip to Norfolk to hang out with the RocknRoller Baby clan.

As is always the case, we managed to cram a whole lot into three days and two nights. We left Surrey at the crack of dawn and arrived in Norwich in time for breakfast! After a quick caffeine refuel (for me) and play (for the kids) we kick started our visit with a trip to one of our most favourite places EVER - BeWILDerwood. Ruth and the gang introduced us to it the last time we visited and we literally couldn't wait to get back, especially as this time they had lots of special Easter events going on. The kids ran around like loonies for a good five hours and must have worked up a serious appetite as when we made our way to Pizza Express for dinner they ate some seriously impressive portions! (Daisy ate a grown ups portion of dough balls, a full size margherita pizza AND an entire slab of chocolate fudge cake all by herself!)

On our second day we paid Dotty Pottery in Norwich a visit. It was actually an event hosted by Social Network Solutions, although we paid to do some extra pottery painting too. Daisy and Evie both painted heart shaped snack plates, with Evie also doing her hand print on a tile (I have Daisy's from when she was the same age too). It was a lovely place, with really helpful and patient staff, and the prices were very reasonable compared to the London prices I'm used to paying. I can't wait to get our finished, fired pieces back! Huge thanks also to SNS for the lovely goodie bag they gave us, complete with Love Boo bath treats for the kids and Daughter of the Soil hand cream for me :)

We spent that afternoon and evening on the beach in Cromer; the kids ate fish and chips and ice cream before heading off to explore the rock pools, while Ruth and I watched and chatted and ate crab sandwiches and cockles. We spent some time in the amusement arcades and looking in the gift shops before making our way back to the house for dinner with four of the tiredest and grubbiest children I have ever seen!

Our last day was cut short by a diagnosis of scarlet fever for Evie!

She had been a bit poorly overnight but perked up the next morning, so we made our way to Gressenhall Farm & Workhouse as planned. Ruth had won tickets so we visited for free but I would have had no qualms with paying £30 for a family ticket as there was so much to do and see! As well as the museum itself and an exhibition about Norfolk during the war, there was also a lovely cafe, a brilliant children's play area, a farm complete with baby lambs - and lots of pretty spots for a picnic.

After a couple of hours Evie took a turn for the worse and we ended up taking her to the doctors with suspected tonsillitis. It turned out that the poor thing actually had scarlet fever, and was prescribed a ten day course of antibiotics, so we picked up our prescription, gave her the first dose and decided to make a move home.

Despite a slight change to our plans (I'd intended for us to stay for a full day and to drive home at bedtime after putting the kids in their pyjamas) we still had a lovely trip. Norfolk is a beautiful place to visit - I would recommend it to anyone, especially those with kids! - and although its a fair distance from the south of England, its an easy drive. We've already invited ourselves back later in the year to go seal spotting (and this time we promise we won't bring germs, Ruth! ;)).


  1. Love this, I can not wait to go to Norfolk for a visit, Ruth always shines a bright torch for it.
    Hope Evie is all better xx

  2. Sounds like such a wonderful time but poor Evie, Scarlett Fever is horrible - all 4 of mine had it together and were so under the weather :( Hope she's feeling much better now. xx

  3. How is Evie now? I hope she is better. Sounds like you had an amazing time & I think having the name Daisy must = being able to eat a house, my Daisy is just the same! Glad you had such fun xxx

  4. I really hope Evie is better now? Sounds like you had such a wonderful time xxx

  5. Looks like you had a brilliant time, sorry to hear that Evie was poorly. Hope she is better now. We LOVE Norfolk and will definitely be trying to take a trip to see Ruth this Summer, maybe see you there ;) xx

  6. Ah sounds like heaven! We went to Norfolk years ago when I was a kid, might add it to the list of places to visit again! x


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