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Friday, 12 May 2017

Day dreaming about Wales + win an Olympus Pen

Running wild on the beach at Knap Point
My love of Wales is well documented on this blog. We're lucky enough to have family there so we visit often. I'm not sure I can pinpoint what it is that I love about it so much; but some things I do love are the contrast between the rugged coastlines and the kiss-me-quick seaside downs, the mountains and the countryside walks, and the fact everything is so green! The air seems fresher and the people seem more relaxed. Its a good few hours drive away from our home in Surrey, so even the shortest mini-break still feels like a proper holiday.

It's been a few months since we last headed off down the M4 in the direction of the Severn Bridge but one of our favourite trips was this one, at the end of last Summer. As well as visiting our friends and family, we were there to pay The Royal Mint a visit - and seeing as it was the school holidays we decided to treat ourselves to an extra night in a hotel too. As always, we had a wonderful time, the majority of which was spent on the beach. I love how truly breathtakingly beautiful Wales is, so of course I took millions of photographs, as I always do.

Here are some more of my photographs from this particular trip xoxo

Searching for sea glass at what we call the Shell Cove (Knap beach)
Obligatory blogger #FWIS photo ;) Dress: Boden // Sandals: Saltwater
Looking down at the bay from Knap Point
Lemonade floats after a hard afternoon at the beach!
Two little girls delighted to finally have the opportunity to cross the stepping stones at Ogmore - we've only ever been here in winter before, when the river has been too high / fast to get across!
Child labour ;) Collecting driftwood for their mama to paint
A family portrait at Nash Point
All these photos were taken on my iPhone 6, but in February I decided to take the plunge and dip into my savings to treat myself to an Olympus Pen. Photo taking hasn't been the same since - this is seriously the best investment I have ever made!

As I always end up doing after a trip to Wales, I've been looking at property to buy on the south and west coasts. One day I would love to take the plunge and move there. But for now a holiday here and there will have to do, and we are looking forward to going back at half term. Til then, Wales!

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  1. You want to move to Wales?! I learn a new thing every day. I went to school right by seven bridge but on the English side xxx

  2. Ooh I love this idea of creating Photoboxes!!! I have just added a few pics to your Wales album and have set up my own account. I shall get going on it asap :)

  3. Gorgeous photos, Wales was one of my favourite places we visited. You would love an Olyumpus Pen, good luck xx

  4. Such stunning photos, I really, really need to take my lot to Wales - it's been so high on my to do list forever! xx

  5. Wonderfulm wonderful photos. Thanks for sharing and for being part of the campaign.

  6. Wonderful, wonderful photos. Thanks for sharing and for being part of the campaign.

  7. You and Wales... Like peas in a pod. It was great going there with you and I caught some of your passion for sure. x


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