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Friday, 30 June 2017

Introducing..... New Worldeez Surprise Globes!

Tomorrow is an extra exciting day in the toy industry as it's the official launch of new collectibles brand, The Worldeez!

Daisy and Evie love going to our local toy shop to spend their pocket money every weekend, and blind bags are their favourite things to buy. I already know that they are going to LOVE the whole Worldeez concept and the super cute characters - and I wholeheartedly approve because these are the first collectible toys to have an educational twist, as well as providing hours of imaginative fun.

Season 1 will feature eight countries from around the world with 120 different characters to collect including limited edition Worldeez wows! and 120 fact cards from Brazil, Egypt, France, India, Italy, Japan, UK and USA.
The toy product range features a two pack globe that fits into the palm of your hand which opens with  a surprise key to unlock it, collectors list and Worldeez Words card with exciting facts about countries. Once opened inside you will find a two blind bag Worldeez characters.

Further products include a larger packs of five and ten with surprise Worldeez and cute mega buildings which also open with a surprise key. The keys can be placed onto the Worldeez charm bracelet which can also be collected.

Worldeez have already got YouTube megastar Tiana, from Toys AndMe's seal of approval as you'll see above, and in a recent challenge video she even said they are her favourite toys right now!

Want to find out more about these super cool collectibles? Follow the hashtag #Worldeez on social media over the weekend to witness the official launch - and make sure you're about on Twitter next Wednesday, 5th July, from 1-2pm to join in the chat! We have B&M vouchers up for grabs for five lucky winner!

To be kept up to date on all things Worldeez, you can follow them on Twitter here and Facebook here.


Tuesday, 27 June 2017

ONE MONTH until Camp Bestival!

This time next month, the girls and I will be about to spend our first night at Camp Bestival 2017, and we couldn't be more excited!

This year is a particularly special one - not just because it's the festival's 10th birthday, and the fancy dress theme is extra brilliant (pop stars and rock stars for those of you that don't know) - this year we'll be camping with some of our favourite people; the usual suspects, Ruth from RocknRoller Baby, Carolynne from Mummy Endeavours and Emma from The Joy of Five and their broods - and also Carissa from Little Likely Lads, Kate from Life Daily, Sabina from Mummy Matters and Emily from Family Four Fun.

Amazing acts continue to be added to the line up:

I can't WAIT for Madness and All Saints - plus those Full House obsessed kids of mine are looking forward to seeing Brian Wilson (as am I).

Other acts on the bill that we can't wait to see include Lightning Seeds, Reverend and the Makers, Kate Nash, Raghu Dixit and T'Pau - plus we will no doubt spend vast quantities of our time hanging around at the Chapati Man food stall (soooooo good) and making sparkly mud pies in the Dingly Dell.

Are you going this year? I'd love to hear from you if you are!

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

A Toy Story themed Movie Night with Thinkway Toys + B&M

Movie nights are a weekly occurrence in our house. Every Friday evening, as a special treat, the girls get to stay up an hour later than usual and we all watch a family film together. Its such a lovely way to end a busy week - plus we always eat takeaway pizza, with sweets and popcorn for pudding! - so I get out of cooking and washing up ;)

Over the course of the last couple of years we've watched pretty much all the old classics (and I mean ooooolllld classics.... some favourites have been The Neverending Story, Splash, The Goonies, Labyrinth, Big, Little Shop of Horrors etc etc). It wasn't deliberate but we seem to have chronologically worked our way through the eighties and are now half way through the nineties. The kids LOVE watching the films that I watched when I was younger, and I love getting to relive my youth by watching them again too.

Last week we watched the original Toy Story which is one of my all time favourite films. It may have been the first EVER computer animated full length film, but the imagery and effects are still utterly brilliant 22 years later - and the storyline is as amazing and relevant as it was when it was first released. No wonder it constantly tops the charts! It's a classic, timeless film for sure.

Now I may have seen it a million times but, despite knowing and loving all the characters, this was the very first time the girls actually sat down to watch the film. Thanks to Thinkway Toys and B&M it was an extra special affair as they got to snuggle up under a cosy new blanket and share the experience with brand new Buzz and Woody toys of their very own - plus they were sent a brilliant selection of popcorn and retro sweets to enjoy while they were watching it too.

Karate action Buzz Lightyear, £24.99 from B&M
Everyone's favourite - Woody, £24.99 from B&M
Movie Night cinema snack box, £4.99 from B&M

Needless to say, the girls absolutely adored the film. What's not to love about it? Evie in particularly was mesmerised - she was literally blown away at the idea of her toys having a secret life when she's not around and has been constantly asking me whether I've seen them getting up to mischief at all while she's at nursery or asleep! This is exactly why I think this film is such a brilliant one for children to watch - not only does it encourage kindness and bravery, and contain an important message about friendships -  it also stimulates children to use their imagination when playing at home.

We're all seriously excited about Toy Story 4, which is due for release in 2019. It may be a long time off but we still have the first three films to re-watch over and over again, plus the girls have their new favourite toys from Thinkway to play with too!

Snuggled under their luxurious heritage check blanket, £9.99 from B&M

It's party time!

Everybody has a Toy Story story - and we'd love to hear yours!

Join me and a group of other UK parenting bloggers for a Twitter party from 1-2:30pm on Tuesday 27th June. It'll be a chance to talk about all things Buzz and Woody related and we have 6x £25 B&M vouchers up for grabs! Make sure you follow Thinkway Toys and B&M on Twitter and use the hashtag #ImAThinkingToy.


Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Win a pair of Moheda Linda Clogs!

Those of you that watched my Instagram stories at the end of last week will have witnessed my excitement when these brand spanking new clogs landed on my doorstep!

I love, love, love clogs - and clog makers, Moheda, are my absolute favourites. Their prices are incredibly reasonable compared to other brands and despite being based in Sweden, their shipping is always super speedy!

The reason I like clogs so much is because they really are the perfect shoe when you're a busy, high heel loving mum like me. I'm on my feet all day every day so need something comfortable, but I'm not prepared to swap stylish for frumpy just yet. Clogs can also be worn with pretty much anything; my current favourite school run outfit is a pair of skinny jeans, an oversized tee and super high Moheda clogs - it's a combo that's easy to throw on when you're in a rush in the morning but still looks great.

I love Mohedas so much that I have built up a collection of no less than nine pairs over the last few years - and my new cognac Lindas are my favourite yet! With those classic clog block heels (slightly higher than the norm at 8.5cm!) and beautiful soft leather, this design has a real vintage vibe to it - I'm so excited about wearing them to festivals over the course of the summer!

And on that note, I'm even more excited to be able to share the clog love today. Moheda and I have teamed up to offer one lucky reader a pair of cognac Lindas of their own!

Entry is via the Rafflecopter widget below. The giveaway closes at midnight on 20th June 2017 and the winner will be contacted by email shortly after. The giveaway is open to UK residents only and the prize will be sent directly from Moheda Toffeln. Good luck!

  a Rafflecopter giveaway

Friday, 9 June 2017

All Hail the Todenham Manor Farm Weekend Box!

Is there anything better than sitting down to a delicious Sunday roast with your family? I don't think so. Eating together is so important to me; week day dinners always seem a bit rushed, what with after school clubs, homework, and play dates to revolve around - so I like to try and keep our Sundays as low key and relaxed as possible. The only things I like to do is to nip out to get coffee and the papers, prepare a big late lunch, and then go for a stroll somewhere pretty while it's doing it's stuff in the oven. Then it's home to eat, chat, drink red wine and collapse in a heap on the sofa for the rest of the day - complete with a Sunday afternoon movie and full bellies!

I'm a big fan of eating well and always ensure I buy high quality meat. It's important to me that the animals we eat have been well looked after and, of course, that the meat tastes good - and I'm prepared to pay a premium for that. I am also always keen to make my life easier whenever I can, especially when it comes to cooking which, until recently, was something I was not particularly fond of or good at. I get weekly recipe boxes from Hello Fresh to help me with weekday meals - and last weekend I was sent a meat box from the very kind people at Todenham Manor Farm. Full of enough delicious cuts of meat to see the whole family through the weekend (and beyond!), this was a total godsend after a stressful and busy working week!

The Todenham Manor Farm Weekend Box contains everything you need to feed a hungry family. We received the box for 6 which retails at £84.99 and includes 1.5kg of sausages, 250g of home cured streaky bacon, a 2kg gammon joint, a 2kg 28 day aged topside joint of beef, 12 sage and onion stuffing balls and 12 of THE BEST pigs in blankets I have ever tasted. A box for 12 is also available and contains twice as much of everything for £169.98. As well as a cooked breakfast, a substantial brunch and a huge (and I mean HUGE) roast dinner, we also had enough leftover meat for two further main meals (traditional bubble and squeak and ham, egg and chips!) and cold meat sandwiches for the girls lunch boxes on Monday, making this box very good value indeed.

Todenham Manor Farm was founded by ex-Londoner, Irayne Paikin, and produces high-welfare rare-breed pork and beef. It's situated in 800 acres of lush green farmland in Moreton-in-Marsh, Gloucestershire, and has an on site butchery complete with it's own team of master butchers, and use of a fantastic local abattoir - which means customers are able to trace the whole food chain.

Todenham picked up nine awards and 13 stars at last year's Great Taste Awards - and after sampling their goods, it's easy to see why!

What better way to start the weekend than with a wholesome breakfast of smashed avocado, poached eggs and crispy bacon?

Good old fashioned sausage sandwiches with real butter, ketchup and mustard - the perfect hangover cure weekend late lunch!

As well as Weekend Boxes, Todenham Manor Farm sells BBQ boxes, a Cave Man box and a sausage selection box - plus you can get joints and packets of meat individually. Their award winning pork and beef is available to buy online, over the phone on 01608 654341 or at their shop (postcode GL56 9PQ).

Thanks so much to Todenham Manor Farm for sending us a sample of their Weekend Box - we will most certainly shop with you again! 

Thursday, 8 June 2017

SIX Favourites ♥ The Bedroom Edition - with Wayfair

These posts of mine usually only contain five items but last month Wayfair asked me to choose SIX of my favourite products from their website so you get a bonus pick today! ;)

Over the past few months I've been busy decorating pretty much every single room in the house (as well as working on the garden) but one room that has been sorely neglected ever since we moved in, is my room. There always seems to be other, more important DIY to do, or things to buy for the girls - so for this post I decided to be a bit selfish and to let myself daydream about my perfect bedroom!

I love my sleep - not that I get very much of it. It is literally my DREAM to have a beautiful, calming, clutter free space to sleep in every night. Right now I have very old and rustic, dark wooden furniture and my room seems to be the dumping ground for everyone else's stuff. It's the only room in the house never to have been decorated, so needs a pretty substantial amount of DIY doing to it before I can even begin to think about filling it with pretty things. But on the assumption that magic elves will come and fit all the woodwork, build me a new wardrobe in the eaves, sand the floorboards and paint everything white, here are six finishing touches I'd absolutely love to treat myself to!

1. A new Mattress
I absolutely love my Victorian style black and brass bed frame - and in actual fact I got it from Wayfair a couple of years ago! However something I couldn't afford at the time was a decent mattress and I'd love to get a memory foam one. eve is a brand that has been recommended to me by lots of people and I'd choose this double mattress from the Wayfair website if I could.

2. New furniture
As I said above, my bedroom furniture is made of really dark wood and has a real a rustic vibe to it - I chose it almost twelve years ago and it couldn't be further away from my taste now. I'd love a new chest of drawers and a new pair of bedside tables, like these Mercury Row Aedesia ones. I really love the clean lines, contrasting wooden legs and Scandinavian design. 

3. A huge mirror
I've always wanted a huge, freestanding mirror to prop up against the old chimney breast wall - and this Gallery Harrow full length mirror is an absolute beaut. I love the size of it and that intricately carved frame is just beautiful. The only question is, do I go for silver or cream?!

4. A new rug
At the moment I have a fairly shabby old carpet that desperately needs replacing. Ideally I'd love white washed floorboards - with this Safavieh Coco grey/ivory rug next to my bed so my feet don't have to hit the cold floor when I get up in the mornings. How super cosy and plush does it look?!

5. New Bedding
Everyone knows its the law that whenever you buy a new bed or mattress you HAVE to buy brand new bedding! I'd go for a new duck down duvet and pillows with this Antina duvet set - I love the teal and mustard combo, and the chevron pattern.

6. New lighting
I've always been quite traditional (boring, perhaps!) when it comes to lighting, opting for simple shades for both ceiling pendants and table lamps. This time I'd go for something bolder, like this geometric pendant light in copper and a pair of these Borough Wharf Clarno table lamps for the bedside tables!

What do you think of my choices? Make sure you take a look at the Wayfair website for plenty more interiors inspiration!


Wednesday, 7 June 2017

TOMS x Every Mother Counts

My love for accessories brand TOMS is well documented on this blog. They truly are a brilliant company that work hard to make a difference in the world and that really makes them stand out to me.

Their current collaboration is with non profit organisation, Every Mother Counts which was founded by model and mum of two, Christy Turlington Burns. One mother dies from pregnancy and childbirth complications every two minutes - and Christy was almost one of them.

TOMS have launched their Orange Rose Collection (the orange rose is the universal symbol for maternal health) in order to generate funds for programs that will improve access to critical maternal care across the globe. With every sale of their limited edition shoes and tote bags, TOMS will donate £5 to the Every Mother Counts Orange Rose campaign.

As well as supporting a particularly worthwhile cause, these shoes have proved themselves to be the perfect addition to my summer wardrobe! The orange rose print on natural burlap is utterly beautiful and I love the espadrille style natural jute rope soles. As is the same with all TOMS, these shoes are super comfy and the women's version (kids and babies sizes are also available) is in the classic Alpargata style, with an elastic V for extra comfort and easy fit. On top of all that, this style also falls under the vegan category.

You can shop the full collection here.


Friday, 2 June 2017

Summer with Joules ♥

Earlier this week, Joules invited me and the girls up to Fox HQ in Soho for a private screening of the new film, Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul.

Daisy is a biiiiiiiig fan of the Wimpy Kid books, and her and Evie both loved the movie trailer, so we were really excited about heading into London to see the film - plus we got to hang out with some of our favourite blogging friends too!

From L-R: Kara from Innocent Charms Chats
Kate from Life Daily, meeeeee, Emma from The Joy of Five and 
Carolynne from Mummy Endeavours 

Nine well trained blogger kids ;)

As a family, we love the Joules brand - their clothes and homewares are a beautiful juxtaposition of traditional and bold, and I especially adore their use of bright colours and prints, and the fact that their clothes and accessories have really special details like pretty buttons, exposed zips and contrasting linings.

It has always been their holiday shop in particular that I love, and it's always my first port of call when shopping for high summer, when clothes seem to get extra wear (the kids', especially) and need to be of exceptional quality. They also have a 3 for 2 deal on summer essentials which makes them even better value!

And on that note,  I've compiled a double whammy list of my five favourite items from the Joules Holiday Shop; one for the kids and one for me! What do you think of my choices?

Clockwise from top left:
1. Mermaid active drawstring bag, £12.95 - brilliant for carrying sandy swimsuits and towels back from the beach as can be rinsed out in the shower, plus it can be used for PE kits once home and back at school //
2. Hattie sun hat, £14.95 - HOW CUTE? //
3. Riviera jersey dress, £22.95 (3 for 2) - lightweight and super easy to wear. Available in different prints AND in grown up sizes! //
4. Tippytoe sandals, £14.95 - we've bought a new pair of these every year and love them. Durable and stylish too //
5. Kittiwake jersey shorts, £14.95 (3 for 2) - perfect for putting on over swimwear, and the jersey dries quickly in the sun if it gets wet

Clockwise from top left:
1. Dora hat, £19.95 - I'm obsessed with hats this summer, and this one is a beaut //
2. Festival beach bag, £24.95 - see what I mean about the amazing contrasting prints? This bag is super roomy, perfect for the beach, days out and shopping! //
3. Walk Moses sandals, £29.95 - best collab ever? These sandals are washable, waterproof and comfy - and available in four colours // 
4. Rosanna French navy orchard cover up, £29.95 - I live in these when on holiday //
5. Beam sunglasses, £69.95 - because you can never have too many pairs and these are perfection!

Joules have teamed up with 20th Century Fox and Puffin to offer one family a holiday to Northern France! Up for grabs are return flights from London to Paris for two adults and two children, six day car hire, five nights accommodation in a luxury treehouse, breakfast and half day electric bike hire - as well as a Diary of a Wimpy Kid book bundle and a suitcase of Joules clothing worth £2,000!

All you have to do to enter is fill in the form on the Joules website here. This competition closes on 4th June and full T&Cs can be found here.
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