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Wednesday, 12 July 2017

5 Savvy Tips to Make Your Money go Further when Holidaying Abroad

Is there anything better than having the school summer holidays to look forward to? I'm currently counting down the days until I get to have the girls at home with me six whole weeks. However, the cost of a family holiday isn’t quite so exciting, is it? Whether you’re heading to Spain, Portugal or somewhere else altogether, memorise these tips for making your money go further when you’re abroad…

1. Go all inclusive 
If you’re travelling in large group and have lots of mouths to feed, or you know that you’d like to base yourself at your hotel without moving too far, you’re probably best off going all-inclusive. An all-inclusive deal will mean you save a small fortune on food, meals and snacks while you’re away, and it’s an even better idea if you like to enjoy a cocktail or two while you’re on holiday. Check what’s included (as it can vary from provider to provider), but you tend to get a huge variety of food and peace of mind knowing you’re not going to blow your budget. If you’ve already booked your holiday, see if you can upgrade your package to an all-inclusive deal.

2. Set a daily budget  
You’ll probably make your budget stretch further if you know precisely how much you have to spend. Set yourself an overall figure for your holiday, and then divide it by the number of days you’re abroad. This will give you an average amount to spend every day, but bear in mind that you can adjust it to account for the fact you might be travelling to and from the airport on one or two of those days so won’t be spending very much. If you plan a couple of low cost days too (sticking to the hotel and playing in the pool, for example), you’ll have more to use on days where you fancy heading out somewhere – and you won’t break the bank in the process. 

3. Look for free or low-cost activities 
When it comes to finding things to do on holiday, it’s up to you to decide how cheap or expensive you want to make it. An organised tour will undoubtedly cost you more than it would to take yourself around (but you’ll probably get more out of it if you have someone knowledgeable talking you through what you’re seeing!), so do your wallet a favour by organising doing a mix of paid-for excursions and free activities. For instance, spend a few days reclining on a local beach, jumping in and out the pool, and ambling round local towns and villages. Then, on other days, your budget will easily cover the cost of entrance tickets to waterparks, zoos or surfboard hire, for example.

4. Try not to use your debit card
Some debit card providers won’t charge you a fee for using it abroad, but many do. So, you’re better off paying in cash or using your credit card to be on the safe side (provided you repay your credit card in full when you’re supposed to!). Using cash or a credit card means you won’t pay the kinds of fees placed on debit cards at ATMs when you’re on holiday, and in fact, paying in cash gives you the option of haggling a little if you’re able to. Try haggling when you’re at a local market and see how much further your money goes.

5. Ask locals for tips
Finally, if you fancy spending your money at a good quality bar in town, or want to take advantage of the best fare for a bus ticket to the local waterpark, consider asking the locals. Pluck up the courage to try speaking some of the local language and see if anyone can help you: residents of the area will point you in the direction of the best shops, restaurants and attractions, and they’re bound to know one or two special things about the area that you haven’t been able to learn online first.

But while these tips are helpful, do try to go easy on yourself. Holidays don’t seem to come around often enough, and you shouldn’t feel bad for wanting to have a good time while you’re abroad! Don’t spend more than you can afford, of course, but try not to spend feel guilty about spending money – what you do with it on holiday is often worth every cent.  

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