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Wednesday, 26 July 2017

On Body Confidence + Being Fierce

Last month, I found myself scantily clad along with forty nine other scantily clad women, in front of a photographer, in the most beautiful, bohemian location in London - The Clapton Laundry. We were all there as part of Natalie from Style Me Sunday's Warrior Woman Project, a campaign to help promote body positivity, in collaboration with Dove.

When Nat asked me if I'd be interested in taking part, I didn't need to think twice. I really, really wanted to do it. To be given the opportunity to leave my insecurities at the door and celebrate real bodies and generally be FIERCE? To show the next generation that the super slim, photoshopped bodies portrayed by the mainstream media are not the only form of beauty? To hang out with loads of super cool babes who think the same way as me? Yes please.

The cocktails were flowing, there was art and comedy to admire and laugh at, inspiring talks to listen to and, of course, photographs to be taken. Some of us went topless, some wore our favourite underwear, some chose to wear swimwear, and others preserved their modesties with precariously placed fishfingers and bottles of gin ;)

Body positivity is something I'm really passionate about. Like a lot of women, I struggled with my my weight for years - decades even! It has honestly only been since I had my children that I've learned to accept my body as it is. I might not LOVE it - my boobs are definitely starting to head south and my belly wobbles when I run - but this body is thirty seven years old, it bore me two beautiful babies and in all honesty I eat whatever the fuck I want and don't do much exercise either so I think it's looking pretty darn good considering.

It makes me really sad when I look back at photos of myself on various holidays in my twenties. I remember feeling so self conscious about wearing bikinis, but my figure was absolutely cracking - I hate knowing I wasted so many years worrying about something as silly and insignificant as a few pounds of weight. I absolutely do not want my girls to grow up thinking or feeling the same way I did and it's people like Natalie, and companies like Dove, championing real bodies and real beauty that are going to make a difference and help raise the self-esteem of the youth of today.

Our bodies are all unique - and every single one is beautiful, no matter what shape or size it is, or whether it has collected battle scars along the way.

The #WarriorWomanProject3: what an absolutely incredible day, without judgement or bitchiness; just beautiful, wonderful, practically naked women supporting and inspiring each other. I can't wait to see what Nat comes up with next.

Photos c/o Angela Dennis
Boyfriend jeans (in washed indigo) c/o Baukjen

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