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Friday, 8 September 2017

For The Home // Family Friendly Rugs

Having a family often means that practicality comes before anything else, which can leave you feeling as if you're limited on your style choices. But the interiors world is far more accommodating than that! 

Ideally, when looking for a new rug you want one that combines both durability and style, to give your home a beautiful finish, but that can also stand the test of time against your kids. Here is a list from Rug Mountain outlining the three key things to look for in your new family rug. 

One of the most important choices you can make when looking for a new rug comes down to the colour. Rugs are a great way of personalising a room and gives you the chance to work with accent colours and accessories. While the colour is largely dependent on your home’s design and personal preference, there are a few general rules to follow when looking for a rug in a family home. It doesn’t come as a surprise to learn that the lighter or paler the rug, the more likely it is to show up dirt, stains and general wear and tear. Therefore, extreme pales such as whites should be avoided, for obvious reasons. If you have your heart set on those neutral and lighter tones, try instead a beige, brown or dark cream rug. While these will still show up dirt easier, they will be that little bit easier to clean than those slightly lighter colours. 

Paler colours can be harder to avoid since styles like the Scandinavian look are incredibly sought after right now. These trends are popular thanks to their use of softer colour palettes including pastel blues, green, and greys that use warm undertones. These are beautiful colours and will help to give your room a stylish edge. The simplistic and minimalism seen in the Scandi look can be problematic when you have kids, but if you plan your rug in advance and opt for a rug that incorporates designs or patterns, you should be able to pull it off. So long as you clean up any spillages or dirt as quickly as you can. 

Although these colours are unlikely to ever step out of fashion a big interiors trend to take off, and expected to be huge next year, are darker colours. It seems designers and homeowners alike are experimenting more and more with colour, propelling rich purples and bold reds in to the limelight. These colours are great for family homes as they mask wear and tear better and will give you more peace of mind against stains. 

Durability and Pile 
As perviously mentioned, durability will likely be the other key factor on your list. With a family, you need a rug that can handle a lot of footfall for all that running around and playing. It’s best therefore to avoid rugs with a longer pile length, which includes shaggy rugs. While shaggy rugs feel incredible underfoot, they will likely loose their soft, fluffy texture if they are being constantly walked across in a busy home. As well as this, longer pile rugs will trap dust and allergens more easily, which isn’t ideal if your kids spend a lot of time of the floor with their toys. Instead, try a short pile length rug that will be able to withstand more usage. 

Easy to Clean
Something that would have already crossed your mind when it comes to a new rug will be the cleaning. With a family, this can feel like a never ending chore, so you will be wanting a rug that is quick and easy to clean. Generally, try to avoid those more expensive rugs. Rugs with higher price tags will be using more delicate materials that won’t stand up well to cleaning products. This is great news for most families, who want to keep an eye on those pennies as well. Cheaper rugs made from nylon or acrylic are better able to handle harsher cleaning products and are therefore much easier to maintain long-term. 


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