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Friday, 15 September 2017


When you’re thinking about how to redecorate your home and you've got kids, you often have to compromise on the some of the things you like. Like thick, luxurious carpets and white sofas (oh what I'd give for an entirely white house!) - they'd look amazing for the first five minutes and then get covered in sticky hand prints and juice spillages! 

Ultimately, we all want that perfect combination of both practicality and style. Not a lot of materials can give you this, but there is one that is a sure-fire win: tiles. I tiled the majority of my downstairs and, although it wasn't the cheapest option, by using tiles, I've ultimately saved time (cleaning wise) and money (on replacements) in the long run. The fast and forever developing manufacturing of tiles means they are incredibly versatile in colours, materials and finishes - so you can pretty much get whatever you want these days.

At A Glance 

Tiles are incredibly hard to damage thanks to their strength. Compared with a carpet that is easily worn down and stained, tiles last for years without ever needing replacement. This is ideal for family life. When you consider how much time kids spend running around and causing general mayhem, your floors or walls should be able to tackle this with ease without diminishing over time. If you’re worried about trips and falls, or what to make a room cosy, rugs are a great way of bringing back that comfort to play areas. The tiles durability and longevity paired with its unbelievably low maintenance properties makes it unbeatable for family houses. 


With kids, you can never be too careful when it comes to food and drink. This is where the tile really shows its true advantage. Where a carpet would absorb and likely stain, a floor tile can be simply wiped clean with a damp sponge or cloth, or even just a paper towel. This saves you huge amounts of time cleaning and worrying about those annoying marks on the floor. Because of this, tiles are also very hygienic, more so than any other floor type. They don’t harbour dust or allergens meaning you kids can play on the floor with their toys and not be picking up anything nasty. 


As much as we can hope, nothing is maintenance free. Luckily, tiles are very easy and quick to care for meaning you can focus on the bigger things going on in your life. A great idea from the off-set would be to install some feet on your furniture. This will stop your tiles scratching with furniture movement and will also make your sofas or chairs less likely to slip around. Thanks to their waterproof abilities, tiles are very easy to clean. Simply give your floors a mop over with some warm water and similarly a wipe down for any wall tiles. This will keep them shining and stop build up of any dirt and grime. 

Tiles are great for the family home. They are incredibly low fuss meaning you have one less thing to worry about on a daily basis. As previously mentioned, tiles are highly manufactured, giving you an abundance of choice to design your home with both practicality and style in mind. Top UK tile retailer, Tile Monkey, have hundreds of tiles to help you find your perfect one. 


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