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Friday, 1 September 2017

The Rise of the Novelty Wedding Cake

After spending last week in New York for my best friend's wedding, I have cake on my mind!

In the world of wedding cakes, gone are the days of beautiful safe squares of fruit cake adorned with impeccably smooth royal icing and a smattering of handcrafted flowers. When it comes to wedding cakes, creativity has moved on eons. While wedding cakes have always brought pleasing oohs from the guests, now jaws are truly hitting the floor with imaginative cake creations like never before.

Is the traditional wedding cake dead? 

There is absolutely nothing wrong with a classic 3-tiered wedding cake and many couples still opt for traditional cake styles. But the fact is, weddings have become much more relaxed and personalised affairs in recent years, and that has paved the way for the weird and wonderful in cake form.There’s another good reason behind the traditional wedding cake’s demise. There’s a significant tradition behind the three layers of a wedding cake and the customary dense fruit cake was the cake of choice for a very good reason.

Each tier had its own significance. The bottom tier was eaten at the wedding reception, the middle tier distributed to take home, and the top tier saved until the couple’s first child’s christening. Covered in icing, a dense fruit cake has a significantly long shelf life, and back in the day the cake didn’t have to be shelved for too long before a first child arrived. After a year or two, the saved top tier could be stripped of its icing, re-iced and taste even more delicious than on the wedding day itself. 

The royal couple, Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge, née Kate Middleton, saved the top three tiers of their eight-tier wedding cake. One was traditionally served up at Prince George’s christening celebrations and another at the christening of Princess Charlotte. As for the third layer, is that a clue of the Royal couple’s future family plans?

The traditional timeline of marriage, shortly followed by a first child is no longer as relevant. Some couples wait years before starting a family, some choose not to, and some have children already. As a result, the tradition of saving the top tier has gone decidedly out of fashion. Stunning, jaw-dropping cake creations may be stacked in threes, but not always for traditional reasons.

With vintage-style naked cakes adorned with berries to fabulous ‘cheese’ stacks and even towers of pork pies, the trend for wedding cakes seems to be sticking two fingers up at tradition. The rules for cake ingredients have also been thrown out of the window. From tiers of brightly coloured jellies, to sweet mountains and croquembouche (a French dessert tower of choux pastry balls), wedding cake tastes have gone crazy.

How do you choose a wedding cake style?

There are no rules, so your wedding cake can be whatever you want it to be. If you have a particular theme, you may want to show that off in your cake. The style of your day (quirky, vintage, traditional etc.) will inform your choices. It may be you want your wedding cake to represent the things you as a couple both love. Or perhaps you want to display delicate icing to match the vintage bridal gown? Most importantly, the cake should represent the personality of the bride and groom. 

Why choose a novelty wedding cake?

A growing share of the wedding cake market seems to be in the line of the novelty cake. No longer confined to birthday celebrations, pastimes, special memories and personal stories are being incorporated into wedding cake design like never before. For some, the quirkier the better.

Opting for a novelty design or a contemporary creation when it comes to choosing a wedding cake is a great way to add a unique element to your special day. Your wedding cake can showcase a little piece of what is special to you as a couple. 

Your wedding cake should be fabulous, and what better way to make the cake a talking point than to make it stand out from the crowd. If your wedding isn’t particularly traditional, then a novelty cake could be a rather more fitting centrepiece.

If you’re not convinced or have a more conservative taste, choosing a wedding cake topper with a personal touch could be all you need to give your cake a unique edge.

Pick fun and quirky on the inside too

Why stop at decoration if you’re making a statement with your wedding cake? Unique and fun flavour combinations will keep your cake a talking point until the last mouthful. Decadent chocolate is becoming a more popular choice for wedding cakes and red velvet makes an equally indulgent statement. 

Unusual flavour combinations are being used to make the wedding cake truly unique all the way through. Combinations of flavours are being accommodated with a different taste in each layer. Think key lime cake, raspberry ripple, apple and caramel, coconut and spiced rum, or even rhubarb and rose petal. Flavour combinations can be just as weird and whacky as your wedding cake design.

The ritual of the wedding cake lives on, but modern day wedding cakes are anything but traditional. The cake is becoming as much an awaited unveil as the bridal gown.

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