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Saturday, 2 September 2017

Too Cool for School: Shiny New Shoes from Startrite

Aaaarrrghhhhhhh, is there anything cuter than shiny new school shoes with fresh white socks and little knobbly knees?

Buying school shoes is a massive thing for me. It's really important to me that the girls have the best I can afford. They're little hippies at home and are usually either barefoot in the summer or in wellies during the winter, so when it comes to choosing the shoes that they are going to be wearing for (a minimum of) six hours a day, five days a week, I want comfort for them - and support for their growing feet. I also like to make sure they get their feet measured regularly and that their school shoes are replaced whenever necessary.

Startrite very kindly contacted us at the beginning of the summer holidays and offered the girls a pairs of shoes each. I'm already a big fan of Startrite; our local independent shoe shop in town stocks them so I have bought my fair share of pairs over the years. I love the wide choice of styles they have on offer (they're particularly good at winter boots in my opinion!) and I also think the prices are pretty reasonable compared to other high street shops.

Evie chose the Poppy style (left) - I think those adorable T-bars make the perfect first school shoes! - and Daisy went for the more grown up Mary Jane (right). Both are made from super soft black leather, both retail at £42.99 a pair, and both are also available in black patent (I love a black patent shoe but it's so much easier to keep plain leather ones looking lovely and new as the weeks go by!) I know from experience that the quality of all Startrite shoes are exceptional but with these styles in particular, I love that they have velcro fastenings (that will make getting ready for school in the mornings so much quicker and easier!) plus the ankles are padded for support and the soles are lightweight and flexible.

Thanks so much to Startrite for sending the girls their new shoes! They can't wait to wear them (even if it does mean going back to school!).

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