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Monday, 2 October 2017

GOOD FOOD // #StressLess with the new HelloFresh Family Boxes

By now I'm pretty confident in saying I CAN COOK (so long as you give me all the ingredients already measured out and douchebag proof step-by-step instructions). I've been buying HelloFresh boxes for almost an entire year now, and I honestly can't imagine life without them. I realise they're expensive; they're an utter luxury for me and my budget - but I'm more than happy to sacrifice other things to be able to pay for them because:

(1) the ingredients are always super fresh and amazing quality, which is very important to me
(2) I love not having to stress about what to cook for dinner every night
(3) I love getting to try new recipes every week - this is extra brilliant for the kids as they get to try new cuisines and learn about seasonal produce
(4) HelloFresh genuinely have taught me how to cook - and I actually enjoy doing it now whereas before it was a chore that would, more often than not, seriously stress me out!

And that's exactly the point of their new campaign.

HelloFresh have updated and improved their family recipe boxes to help you #StressLess - by reducing the amount of time you need to spend planning, prepping and cooking your family meals. An average meal takes just half an hour to make in total - plus each portion always contains at LEAST one or two of your five a day - some have all five! (making sure the kids get enough vegetables is something else I'm always stressing about). All the recipes have also been developed, tested and approved by a panel of both parents and kids who all gave them a huge, unanimous thumbs up. And WE DO TOO!

The picture above is of the sausage stew, with a goat's cheese topping and toasted ciabatta, which has knocked the honey and mustard glazed pork and lentil recipe off the top spot to be crowned our new favourite HelloFresh family dish. It's absolutely perfect for this time of year, when the evenings are starting to get chilly and you fancy something hearty and warming for dinner - take a look at the recipe here if you're looking for autumnal cooking inspiration that the whole family will love. And if you're interested in giving HelloFresh a trial you can do so with a £25 off your first box by signing up here.*

*Affiliate link - I also get £25 off one of my boxes.

This post was written in collaboration with HelloFresh who very kindly gave me a couple of complimentary boxes to be able to do so. However as you all know I am a MASSIVE HelloFresh fan and usually pay for it with my own hard earned cash. I would happily recommend the service to anyone and everyone!

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