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Tuesday, 28 November 2017

CHRISTMAS // Our Festive Traditions

Did I mention I love Christmas?

I know it's only November, and the nation is divided on whether or not it's too early to put up your Christmas tree and listen to festive music but I have most definitely been on the mince pies already and I'm not afraid to admit it!

When Wayfair asked me to share our festive traditions with you all, I couldn't resist. After all this really is my favourite time of the year. So! Without further ado, here are some of the things we get up to as a family at Christmas:

1st December is always Christmas tree day.
Even if it's a school day (we just go after) we always head out to buy and then put our tree up on the very first day of December. This is a ritual in itself. We take a loooonnnng time picking out the perfect one at our local garden centre and have a whole lot of fun in the process (although occasionally a few swear words are uttered as I try to get the bloody thing in our tiny car!) Once we're home we watch Home Alone while we dress the tree - and I may or may not make a start on the mulled wine.

We always buy one new Christmas decoration each every year.
I have to say, our collection is getting a bit on the full side right now - we might need two trees this year! But I always let the girls pick out a new ornament while we're shopping for the tree - and I can never resist getting one myself.

The kids are in charge of the decor. 
I used to have a theme (red, white, green and gold, if you're asking) and be really Monica about where the decorations went - now our theme is something along the lines of 'a festive unicorn vommed rainbows all over our house' - nothing matches, everything is bright and garish and pretty eighties if I'm honest. We have tinsel, we have multicoloured lights. We even have lights for OUTSIDE THE HOUSE (yes, we are THAT FAMILY). The girls LOVE IT. And because they're happy so am I.

We have an open house policy for friends and family on Christmas Eve.
Although I usually leave my Christmas shopping until the last minute, I always make sure I'm at home on Christmas Eve and friends and family are welcome round at any point. I have a pot of mulled wine on the hob all day, and a steady supply of mince pies too - ready for any visitors we might have.

New pyjamas and party dresses.
The elves bring new pyjamas, slippers and dressing gowns every Christmas Eve and usually leave them under the tree while we're outside looking for Father Christmas and the reindeer in the sky ;) We all get Christmas Day party dresses from the big man himself - getting glammed up for our Christmas lunch is another family tradition.

Christmas Day breakfast.
We ALWAYS have chocolate for breakfast, then a little later on in the morning we'll have pastries and I'll put out a token bowl of fruit salad but I'm the only one that ever eats it.

Christmas Lunch.
Christmas lunch is always with the whole family; we have had four generations round the table for the last two years! We stick to tradition and have roast turkey with all the trimmings and usually time it so that we're finished just before the Queen's speech. Then it's a race to see who will fall asleep first (usually my Dad!).

Christmas Day Weigh In.
The whole family weighs themselves first and last thing to see who gains the most weight in a day. I was the reigning champion for TEN YEARS, with an impressive 6.5lb gain... then last year I only went and beat my personal best by putting on 7lbs. I'm pretty sure it was the late night visit back to the cheeseboard that did it.

What traditions do your family have?

Written in collaboration with Wayfair

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