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Monday, 4 December 2017

How To Rock Your Locks This Winter

Bobble hats: the ultimate winter hair accessory!
Forget all the winter horror stories you’ve been told, the cold weather doesn’t have to leave your hair feeling lifeless - you can get luscious locks without adding hours onto your beauty regime. I've speaking to a hairdresser friend to find out some easy steps you can take to help you rock your locks this winter.

Add moisture 
One thing you can’t avoid this winter is raging winds and chilly temperatures. On top of the heating blasting out, these can unfortunately cause your hair to dry out, break and look dull, which is not ideal for the seasonal parties. One thing you can do to help it on the road to recovery is to stop washing your hair every day. Yes, really. Leaving your hair as long as possible before washing will help restore your hair’s natural oils. When washing, opt for a shampoo and conditioner that contains natural hydrating ingredients such as coconut milk, Moroccan and argan oil. Treat yourself to a ten minute, deep conditioning hair mask once a fortnight to replenish the moisture and really revitalise your ‘do.

Use hair extensions 
Battling against the winter elements can leave the hair feeling flat and lifeless. A quick and effective way to add some bounce back into your hairstyle and rejuvenate your look is to use hair extensions. American Dream human hair extensions, for example, offer easy to use clip in styles that will make your hair look and feel natural whilst adding thickness and volume. If you do go down the extension route, make sure you colour match your hair and choose a similar texture to ensure your new style looks as natural as possible.

The science of the blow dry 
The way you blow dry can have a dramatic effect on how your hair will look. Try to avoid leaving your hair to dry naturally as this actually weakens the hair structure. Do remember to use a heat defense spray before applying any heat to your hair to protect further. It’s all about the technique, drying your hair upside down or angling towards your scalp can add volume, using a narrow nozzle can add shine instantly and for curly hair, a diffuser on a low setting can minimise frizz.

Opt for effortless hairstyles 
Rushing out the door, armed with a to do list full of festive errands, you’ll need a quick and easy hairdo that’s effortlessly fabulous. A top knot is always a quick and timeless alternative and great if you’re in your in between hair wash days. Simply tie a section of your hair in a high ponytail, backcomb the section slightly, twist around the tie and secure. If it’s a cold day and you’re armed with the warmest of clothing, add style to your hairdo with a low ponytail, loose braid or slight waves, which will all go great under your woolly hat of choice!


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