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Thursday, 8 March 2018

bettybox: The Period Subscription Box

Earlier this week I was sent a subscription box with a bit of a twist. Usually these things are designed around hobbies and interests, like beauty or stationery. This one relates to our old friend Aunt Flo - but comes from the new girl on the block, betty, a super cool, online teen educator, more big sister than old aunt.

I can remember learning all about periods at primary school back in the eighties (yes I really am that old). Things were taught very scientifically in those days; I was 9, and a lady came to my class to teach us all about puberty. It wasn't a very successful lesson; everyone was left a bit shell shocked I think, plus we were all way too embarrassed to ask any questions at the end, even though we must have had millions! I left the classroom feeling pretty terrified about what changes were in store for my body (until I went home and spoke to my Mum about it that is).

A few years after having my mind put at rest by my Mum, my friends all started getting their periods and I was gagging to start mine. When I eventually did start,  one memory that sticks in my mind is of getting caught unprepared and having to ask the school nurse for a sanitary towel. She handed me a Dr Whites pad, which was thicker than a maternity pad and had BELT LOOPS. I was horrified, didn't really know what it was (or what the loops were for!) and just shoved it in my knickers and hoped for the best. I was a bundle of nerves for the rest of that day; what the hell had I been given to use? Could anyone else see it? Would I leak?!

I'm so glad things have changed now and that talking about periods isn't seen as taboo. We're also really lucky to be able to consult the internet whenever we have a question that needs answering that we're too shy to ask. I think that was the worst thing about coming of age in the eighties and early nineties for lots of teens; all those awkward conversations with 'grown ups' and worrying about whether or not you're normal but being too embarrassed to chat to your friends about stuff.

I think it's really important to talk openly about growing up. So far I've been entirely honest with my own daughters and have let them lead the way, answering questions as they've arisen and dropping things into conversation when it's appropriate.  There are still topics that haven't been covered, but I definitely want to be the one to explain everything to them, rather than them hearing it all from a teacher at school. I'm lucky because the girls and I are very close, just like I am with my own mum, and I can't imagine us having any trouble talking about things in the future. If there is ever any awkwardness, as I already said, they're lucky enough to be able to consult the internet, and the betty website is incredibly cool, as well as being informative. It reminds me a bit of the teen mags I used to read, like Just Seventeen and Mizz. It's full of articles and advice about being a teenage girl - relationships, body image, beauty etc - and I LOVE that the cursor is a tampon!

The bettybox is the UK's first monthly period subscription service and it was designed specifically with teens in mind, to help make that time of the month a little bit less scary and a lot more comfortable.

The box contains all those essentials (you can choose from tampons or towels, your preferred brand, absorbency, size etc - and when you need it delivered) but also a lovely selection of premium pampering treats, like sweets, and bath and body items, to make yourself, or your daughter, feel better.

I can guarantee any teenage girl would love to receive one of these every month - hell, I'm a 37 year old girl and I'd love to receive one every month! They're priced at £12.99 which I think is really reasonable for all those essentials and so many little luxuries too.  I know having your period can be pretty horrific and they won't make things completely better, but they'll definitely help and I'll definitely be buying these for my girls when the time comes. For 20% off your first bettybox, use the discount code BB20.


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