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Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Newborn Photography: How to choose the right photographer for your bundle of joy!

Having a baby is a life changing event. It’s exciting and exhausting all at once to suddenly have a tiny person to look after that demands constant love and attention. Of course, the first few pictures of your new baby are extra precious. But rather than taking an endless string of smartphone pix, how about hiring a professional photographer to capture and immortalise those innocent infant days with style?

What is newborn photography? 
Newborn photo shoots are now a thing. Starting out as a bit of a celebrity craze a few years ago, the trend has reached the mainstream, fuelled in no small part by social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

It’s understandable. Parents don’t want to post forgettable amateur snaps to introduce their baby son or daughter to the world. They want to post adorable pictures of their little newborn darlings that their friends and family can coo over. And whose heart wouldn’t melt at the sight of a professionally taken image of a week old cherub, artfully posed for full cuteness overload?

In hardcopy, professional newborn images can look amazing printed, framed and displayed in your home, a focal point for all the family to look back on in years to come with fond memories.

Find the right photographer 
Clearly, finding the right newborn photographer is key to getting the gorgeous results you’re after. The photo shoot typically takes place in the privacy of your own home within the first 10 days after the birth – a relatively short window.

Not only will you need to find a professional photographer that you trust to do a good job, you may have to book them before the baby is even born! No pressure then.

Choose a professional organisation 
Before you get as far as assessing the photographer’s creative approach and technical skills, it’s important to establish beyond doubt at the outset that you’re dealing with a professional company. Don’t forget that the person you choose will be invited into your home and have access to your precious newborn child.

In addition to checking out their professional credentials, business performance and insurance cover, find out about their skill and experience of handling newborn babies. What is their process during the photoshoot? How do they keep the baby comfortable and safe? What sort of props do they use? What do they do in emergency situations? If you’re not convinced that they will treat your baby and the entire photoshoot occasion with the respect and integrity it deserves, move on.

Consider the portfolio 
Once you’ve established their professional integrity, take a long look at their newborn photo gallery or portfolio. Look beyond the cute photos – they’re a given. What you’re hoping to find is evidence of lots of experience, plenty of variety and creativity by the bucketful. Do you like what you see?

Don’t forget to examine technical skill too. This may be tricky if you’re not a photographer yourself and may be unsure what to look out for. One tip is to look at the detail in the whites and darks to see if you can make out, say, individual hairs or blanket stitching. Does the background complement the subject and enhance the picture, or does it not add anything?

Check the image quality 
Balance and contrast can make a dramatic impact on any image and your photographer should be able to achieve just the right quality of both. It is their job to capture the beauty of natural life - your baby is perfect just the way s/he is and that perfection must come across in every picture.

Don’t just assume that every professional photographer is a master of their craft. Take a close look at the pictures yourself and form a view. You’re looking for a balance in colour and lighting with clear and vibrant images that represent the true nature of your baby’s skin, clothes and any props used. If the images are crisp and sharp, and only blurry where they should be, the photographer clearly knows what they’re doing.

Make a shortlist and a decision 
By now, you will have seen a broad selection of newborn images from a range of professional photographers. All of them will feature super cute photographs of lovable newborns – but which photographer will you choose for your own little bundle of joy?

Compare and contrast the different offerings in detail, including any differences in the style of photography and level of services provided, price, availability, location/travelling time and any other important criteria.

Next, make contact and set up a meeting with your preferred photographers. This is the crunch point since, ultimately, if you and the photographer struggle to establish an easy rapport straight away, the pictures will be lacking something. Take the opportunity to meet up, armed with a list of questions, your ideas of what you would like the images to be like, and any concerns you may have. You will know pretty quickly if you ‘click’ with the right person to capture the all important first images of your baby.


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