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Monday, 16 April 2018

SS18 at Outfit Kids

My daughters couldn't be more different.

Daisy (on the right) is the oldest, and the quiet one. She likes to read and watch films. She also takes after me and has music playing pretty much 24/7. But she is also super sporty (not like me) and a bit of a daredevil when it comes to climbing trees and jumping off things (also not like me).

There's no doubt about it; Evie (three years younger and on the left) is destined for the stage. She is a total comedian and loves putting on dancing shows for everyone. She can be a bit bossy (wonder where she gets that from!) and has an incredibly fiery temper (ditto!) but she is also a sensitive soul and takes things to heart a lot.

It's not just their personalities that are totally different - when it comes to dress sense they are complete polar opposites as well. Earlier this month we worked with Outfit Kids and the girls got to choose an outfit each. Their differences in the style stakes are very apparent when you look at the clothes they picked out!

Daisy, always either curled up in comfy loungewear or cartwheeling across the field, went for sportswear, and was particularly excited about getting to wear a cropped hoodie! She wears a lot of monochrome so I wasn't surprised when she picked black clothes.

Evie chose a pretty dress and a colourful, cosy jumper. This girl does not wear trousers, and she's not a fan of tights either; she'd go bare legged in the middle of winter if I let her!

Despite liking completely different clothes styles, they actually chose the exact same trainers which made me smile. They're totally gorgeous trainers though, and if they made them in adult sizes I'd have ordered a pair for myself too ;)

Daisy wears:

Evie wears:

All c/o Outfit Kids

Outfit Kids is part of the Arcadia Group. With brands like TopShop, Oasis and Warehouse all under the same umbrella, the Outfit Kids SS18 collection was always destined to be awesome - and it definitely doesn't disappoint. With a huge range of styles, from sporty to smart to boho, there's something for every little fashionista out there, plus it's incredibly well made and very reasonably priced. You can buy in store at selected Outfit, Burton, Dorothy Perkins and Debenhams stores (full list here) or online (here).

ps I had to give you a close up of Evie's dress. I just love the detail of the broderie anglaise and those little frilly cuffs!

pps Look at that pose! I told you this one is destined for the stage!

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