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Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Kicks for the Skatepark + for the Seaside

Until fairly recently I only ever owned one pair of trainers at a time - and those were functional ones I wore to the gym.

I'm not quite sure what happened - perhaps it's the fact that I'm constantly on my feet, or perhaps the fact that there is such a huge choice of trainers out there these days - but all of a sudden they're one of my favourite types of footwear and I seem to have formed quite a collection!

I often shop in the mens department for my trainers as they seem to be a slightly wider fit and the designs are more to my taste (I like quite my trainers unisex - I'm not a fan of anything overtly girlie). Recently I've been working with Jacamo, and was pretty chuffed when they very kindly let me pick out a couple of pairs.

Jacamo are an online menswear store that sell everything from casual and formal clothes, to sportswear, to accessories and, of course, shoes! I had a good look around their website and it's jam packed full of everyone's favourite brands, all at really good prices. They also offer unlimited next day delivery for £9.95 which is something that makes me shop at stores over and over again! When it comes to footwear, and trainers in particular, the choice really is insane. It took me aaaaaages to choose the grey and orange (what a combo!) Adidas 8Ks that were gifted to me, along with a pair of must have black canvas vans (those ankles aren't mine by the way) - perfect for this weather.

Thanks to Jacamo for adding to my collection and for introducing me to yours! The Adidas 8Ks are my current absolute faves!

DISCLOSURE: I received these trainers for the purpose of this blog post. All views are entirely honest and my own and the images are copyright.

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