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Sunday, 30 December 2018

How to Make Your Child’s Birthday as Great as Possible

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We all enjoy celebrating birthdays but birthdays for kids are particularly special – partly because they’ve had so few of them, and partly because their imaginations and sense of wonder are typically so much more active than those of us grown-ups.

For a kid, a birthday party isn’t just an excuse to have some good food, and relax for an afternoon. It’s a special occasion completely set apart from ordinary life, where adventure and excitement can happen.

If you want to help make your child’s birthday as great and memorable as possible, here are a few suggestions for things you can do.

Hire a magician to perform at the party 
Good magicians are amazing, and kids are naturally fascinated and in awe of the very idea of magic anyway, hence the incredible popularity of pro magicians as performers at children’s parties.

Thanks to the Internet, it is an incredibly straightforward job identifying and contacting professional party magicians in your area. This list, for example, may well have done most of the legwork for you:

Be sure when you’re hiring a magician that they come well reviewed by other parents, are good at working with kids with different personality traits, and have more than a few tricks up their sleeve. Generally speaking, the more interactive the experience, the better.

If every child is encouraged (but not forced) to join in the act, and learn some tricks, you may spend the next few days having to humour them while they demonstrate card tricks for you. 

Play Centres and Soft Play
Children’s play centres have all-encompassing, full day fantasy experiences for special events such as birthday parties. It’s just a matter of doing your research and finding out what companies there are in your area.

Typically, companies and play areas will tend to follow a particular theme. You may, for example, find a company that follows a mediaeval theme, where your kid gets to be “King” or “Queen” for a day, while their friends act as their knights and courtiers.

Other great ideas for theme options are superheroes, sci-fi space exploration or laser tag in a Mad Max-like wasteland. These events will create an atmosphere that is powerfully different from everyday life, which means, the experience will be a real adventure.

Let them invite all their friends around for a camping sleepover 
If you have a large garden, one great way of arranging your child’s birthday party is to invite all their friends over, set up a central bonfire (closely supervised by an adult, of course), arrange some games, and have a “camping event.”

The great outdoors is a powerful source of inspiration for a child’s imagination, and many kids will automatically like the idea of doing their own thing “without the grown-ups.”

Of course, since the event will be at your home, you’ll be able to check in and supervise appropriately, and your child (and all the others) will be able to get back into the house if and when they want.


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