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Friday, 2 August 2019

HOME // Seven Decor Ideas For A Fun Child's Bedroom

Photo credit: Josh Hemsley

All kids want to have an amazing space to call their own. A fun bedroom that offers them somewhere to relax, play, study and sleep will be a space they’ll love. A room they’re proud of might even encourage them to keep it clean and tidy themselves (ha! Who am I kidding!).

Here are some ideas to decorate your kids’ bedrooms in a fun way that they are sure to enjoy.

1. Add interesting storage. Storage space is always important for any kids’ bedroom, as they need somewhere to store their clothes, toys and school supplies. Get creative and create fun toy storage on a budget. Buy a set of plain canvas tote bags, and print them with the letters to spell ‘toys’, and hang them on a row of hooks somewhere in the room. Boxes, baskets, wall organisers and hangers also make great, but interesting, storage features.

2. Children outgrow their bedroom furniture quickly, so it’s often not worth investing in expensive pieces. Instead, give a fresh look to an old piece of furniture with a coat of paint. This can be a great way to create personalised, fun pieces, like a funky desk or chest of drawers.

3. Wall stickers are a great decoration that can be easily peeled off without damaging the paintwork when your child grows out of the childhood room. Buy something related to their hobbies, like a footballer wall sticker.

4. If your kids are artistically inclined, frame some of their own artwork or creations and hang them in their room. Display things they have made to add some personal touches to the room. Create a gallery wall with their own work, and they’ll be proud of seeing their art displayed like its in a gallery.

5. Create different zones within the room that can be changed as your child grows and their needs change. For example, smaller children need plenty of space to play, but once they get to school, kids need somewhere for homework. Add a small desk for study time, and add some cool storage for books and stationery. Leave some room to play and relax too. For bookworms, a cosy reading corner is sure to be a hit, whereas other children may appreciate room for a dollhouse or a space to play computer games.

6. Get kids involved in crafts that can then be used as decoration. Paper chains or fabric bunting are both easy to make, and look cute when displayed in a bedroom. Let the children help you make them, and string them over their bed for a feature they can feel proud of. Washi tape is a really fun way to add some decor. Create beautiful patterns on the walls, or on pieces of furniture. Add stripes to dresser drawers, or make jazzy shapes on wardrobe doors.

7. Washi tape can also be used on the wall as a fun alternative to photo frames. Washi tape can be peeled off the wall without leaving any sticky residue behind or damaging the paint, so you can let the kids go wild without worrying about your walls.


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