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Friday, 16 August 2019

INTERIORS // Optimising Your Bedroom For Sleep

It’s so easy to get wrapped up in incorporating all your favourite decor ideas in a room as personal and cosy as the bedroom. However, you might find that it’s often easy to forget that the bedroom is a room with a purpose. It’s for sleeping (most of the time), yet rarely do we ask “is this design choice suitable for sleeping?” Well, it’s time to change that - and this post is all about optimising the sleepiness of your bedroom!

A clear bedroom is a clear mind 
A cluttered bedroom is more than just something of an eyesore. It legitimately has the effect of upping our stress levels a little. When we’re more stressed, our body tends to tense up and our mind becomes more active, making it harder for us to get to sleep. Ensuring an effective clean for the bedroom is, naturally, important. But we also choose clutter of our own creation, too. Finding a few finishing pieces for your bedroom is all well and good, but if it’s starting to feel a little claustrophobic, you might want to think against making any more decorative additions.

Breathe in that air 
The air quality of your bedroom matters a lot more than you think. You don’t have to be asthmatic or have allergies for dust, dander, and other allergens to get in the way of your life. The truth is that without effective cleaning, your bedroom is likely to be full of the stuff, because it tends to hide in the mattress. Vacuum your mattress at least once a month, so that you don’t worsen the air quality in the room every time you lie down. You may also want to consider getting yourself a dehumidifier to keep it cool and clean in the air. I'm also a sucker for a houseplant (or twelve) - peace lilies, devils ivy and philodendrons are three of my favourites, and all are known for their air purifying qualities. Poor air quality is known to make it harder to drift to sleep!

Switch up for the season 
It’s important to ensure that you’re always equipped with the bedclothes that are best suited to the season and the conditions within the bedroom. In the summer, moisture wicking, light fabrics like wool fill can help you stay cool and avoid being trapped in a sweaty, humid bed. In the winter, down might be a little more expensive, but it’s one of the warmest options around. Buying the best bedding to meet your needs, and ensuring that you have a selection, is going to drastically improve the quality of your sleep, especially in the hottest and the coldest of months.

Put your foot down on technology 
Some people simply aren’t going to listen this piece of advice. I don't mean to come across all holier than thou, but I've never had a TV in my bedroom and never will! We’re so tied to phones, PCs, and TVs these days that to many it’s only natural that they should have a screen or three in their bedroom. If you’re having trouble sleeping, however, then that could be precisely why. The blue light that’s emitted by modern electronic device screens is hugely disruptive to your sleep. Limiting your screen time so that you have none for up to 20 minutes before hitting the hay can help you drift off faster and have a less-interrupted sleep. For that reason, amongst others, you should try and keep the technology out of the bedroom. Try to remember that this zone is for sleep first and foremost. If you need to, put your phone on the opposite side of the room until you wake up.

Seal off your environment 
Some people are lighter sleepers than others. However, even if you can get to sleep with sirens wailing outside and flashlights being strobed in your face, those interruptions are still going to affect the quality of your sleep. You may sleep a whole 8 hours, but it might not be as restful. Trying to seal off the bedroom from outside noise and light is still the best strategy. Blackout blinds can help you shut off a dark room even when the light is outside. Soundproofing a room can be harder, but ensuring you have modern, double-glazed windows is a great start and you can use draft excluders to muffle sounds from within the home, as well.

The next time that you’re giving your bedroom a redesign or a spring clean, make sure that you try to make the changes that can greatly improve both the duration and quality of your sleep at night. Every aspect of your health, from energy levels to mood to weight management, will thank you for it.


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