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Friday, 4 October 2019

Help Your Child 'Get It' In 3 Simple Steps

Sometimes we can feel helpless when we see our children come home from school with a desperate or sad look on their face. We may probe and ask questions only to hear a grunt in response. If your child is struggling at school, they often don’t want to talk about their difficulties. They may be embarrassed or they just don’t want to involve their parents. However, there are things that you can try to reassure them, and help them ‘get it’. There’s nothing worse than feeling left out or thinking that you can’t do something. Just because your little one might need some extra help, doesn’t mean they cannot reach their full potential.

You could hire a tutor for your child to help give them a little extra boost. Some kids take well to tutors whereas others cannot stand the fact that they need extra help in their free time to get them up to standard. Find a tutor that your child gets along with. Don't go for the straightlaced, super formal human being and opt for someone with a sense of humour, a chatty tone and a kind demeanour. A good tutor won’t just enhance your offspring’s academic knowledge but they will also boost their self esteem and make them feel more confident when tackling problems. It’s ok to make mistakes as you learn from them. A good tutor will ensure that you child knows this. They’ll also help your little darling to apply what they have learned to unfamiliar and new situations.

Internet Time 
It may sound like a misnomer, but getting online can help your kids improve in a subject. Companies like Cazoom Maths produce worksheets to help your child tackle a topic that they are struggling with. Complete with answers, you can work through the problems and mark them together. Make sure that you engage your little one with their extra learning otherwise it may feel like a punishment. There are also educational games that are free to play online or you can download apps to their tablet. Make a deal where they can play their educational games for ten minutes and then get a reward of ten minutes free tablet time to do whatever they please.

Listen And Be There 
If your child is falling behind at school or they simply don’t understand a certain subject, just be there. Be open and listen to their problems and let them know that you don’t think any less of them because of this. Just because your darling might not be academically gifted, doesn’t mean that they don’t have other talents. Children need to be celebrated for their gifts whether this is playing a musical instrument, running fast, designing recipes, drawing or making things. Be your child’s biggest advocate and make them feel confident with other aspects of their learning. Use the example of Richard Branson who left school failing all of his exams.

Your child will be successful with your support. Help them if they are struggling but ensure that they remain confident and happy first and foremost.

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