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Wednesday, 13 November 2019

Sending Christmas presents to loved Ones abroad in time for Christmas

With Christmas around the corner, sending presents and cards is always something we have to think about. Heaven knows we’ve heard the stories of all those undelivered gifts year after year. There’s even been talk of a strike this year. But what if you send aboard? We’ve put all the information you need to know about sending a gift to a loved one aboard, below.

Use a courier 
Rather than simply posting something and hoping for the best, whether it’s a card or a gift, it’s best to use a parcel delivery service, aka a courier. These will ensure you’ll get the gift to the other person in a more orderly and quicker manner, and you’ll even be able to track it from your end too. If it’s for Christmas, make sure you check out when the gifts need to be collected for specific places throughout the world – you’ll also need to take public holidays in each country into consideration too.

How to ship 
Once you’ve chosen the courier that suits your requirements, and the budget, you have it’s quite straight forward. You can usually get in touch with a courier and arrange for a parcel to be picked up, if it’s a little too large for you to carry, or if it’s easy to carry you’ll often be able to find places where you can take them for collection – which should be available on their website.

Customs requirements 
These are really important. Once you have your customs documents to attach to your parcel, make sure you fill them out correctly, otherwise it could result in your paying more than you need to. These documents also need to be clearly attached to the parcel in question, on the outside packaging, alongside a copy inside for added safety. Most of this information will be provided by the courier company too, so don’t worry too much.

What you can and can’t send 
Finally, if you are sending a gift overseas for a loved one to mark an occasion, you’ll probably want to send them lots of things they love. But, can you send them? Some countries don’t allow certain items through customs, so it’s better to double check before sending anything. For example, food products are restricted around the world and no courier will take alcohol, whereas items like perfume or lighters fall into the restricted shipping category.

If you’re sending a gift overseas this year, do a little research beforehand and use a courier to ensure the gift gets there quickly and safely.

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