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Tuesday, 19 November 2019

Things That Go Bump In The Night: What Those Noises Really Are

It’s never nice being woken up, especially if you were in a lovely deep sleep. But for one reason or another, you could be woken up to many sounds within your home, especially if it's an old one like mine is. Our homes are built with a combination of glass, wood, brick and concrete so it’s understandable that things are going to be going “bump” in the night every now and again. Sometimes you may even hear strange noises throughout the day. With that in mind, here are what some of them could be.

Any knocking or clunking of pipes? 
Many homes will struggle with the sounds of knocking and clunking of pipes. It may sound unusual and strange, but it’s common during the winter and fall. These sounds tend to occur because of the added pressure some of your pipework might be facing, especially if they are exposed. There are many reasons for this, but mostly it could be down to the freezing and expansion of those pipes. Make sure you check them over to ensure there are no imminent leaks. This is when you may want to get a plumber to ensure all is working as it should be. A great tip is to cover any exposed pipework with a foam layer during the colder months. This prevents them reaching that freezing temperature that will cause this problem in the first place.

Scratching in the walls 
Scratching in the walls or around your home can be one of the most annoying sounds. Often this is because it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly where that scratching is coming from. However, scratching is one of those things that can be a serious problem if not resolved. This is because what you are likely to be hearing is a rodent scratching, and eating, turning your insulation into their home. If you suspect you have an issue, it will be worth seeking help from the rat control to ensure you deal with the situation as quickly as possible. Before it gets out of hand.

Gurgles and bubbles 
Bubbling and gurgles in the pipework could be quite a serious problem. This could be down to something being wrong with your heating system or boiler. Many people think things like this are intermittent, but it may be a serious problem that could need a plumber to help you resolve. It can be the type of sound that won’t be easy to identify, so it could end up driving you a little crazy. If in doubt always call someone in to help investigate further.

Whistling throughout the day and night 
Can you hear some strange whistling? The likelihood is it isn’t some friendly ghost, and it’s an unhappy boiler or furnace. This is down to something causing an inhibiting airflow. Another suggestion could be something to do with drafts. The whistling could be down to gaps or issues with your windows or doors. Maybe even problems within your foundations or walls. If there is any sign of a draft try and identify as quickly as possible where it could be coming from. Make sure all windows are sealed tightly.

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